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Metallica Technologies is an engineering and consulting firm based in India, Head quatered in Trivandrum and having Offices in Ernakulam , & Coimbatore  , the primary focus of Metallica is on helping product design and manufacturing companies to innovate by using the best CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM solutions that are easy to learn and use, while being productive and able to deliver faster, efficient, cost effective technology solutions. Metallica Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leading provider of software solutions and services for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.

​Metallica Technologies is an award winning Authorized Value Added Gold Partner for CADMATE ,  CADMATE Mechanical & CADMATE Takeoff.

Also an authorized partner of GRAPHISOFT, Metallica Technologies offers a range of services related to Building Information Modeling (BIM) including software licensing, consulting, training, and support.

Metallica Technology is a cutting-edge startup specializing in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and CAD software solutions. Our commitment extends from software expertise to personalized training, aiming to empower AECO professionals with innovative tools for seamless design, collaboration, and construction in a digitally transformative environment.

Discover the universe of possibilities with Metallica Technologies – where BIM meets brilliance, and your visions become reality!”

Join us on a realistic journey, and together, we redesign the future of architectural and construction innovation.

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Metallica Technologies supports Architects and BIM consultants by offering them a holistic approach to BIM implementation. They provide comprehensive training and support, which ensures that the architects and BIM consultants leverage the BIM software to its fullest potential. Metallica Technologies also helps architects and BIM consultants in customizing the BIM software to suit their specific project requirements. Their expert team is always available to provide technical assistance and troubleshoot issues faced by architects and BIM consultants.

Metallica Technologies provides a range of solutions that help architects and BIM consultants increase project efficiency. They offer BIM software that streamlines workflows, promotes collaboration, and reduces errors throughout the project lifecycle. In addition, they offer training for architects and BIM consultants on how to optimize their workflows to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Metallica Technologies offers BIM software solutions that help architects and BIM consultants in project visualization and communication. The software allows architects and BIM consultants to create 3D models of buildings and structures that can be easily shared and communicated to project stakeholders in an easily understandable way. This helps to improve project communication and decision-making.


Partnering with Metallica Technologies provides architects and BIM consultants with access to cutting-edge software solutions, expert training, and technical support. As an authorized partner of GRAPHISOFT, Metallica Technologies has exclusive access to the latest BIM software releases and updates, which ensures that the architects and BIM consultants get the latest tools and functionalities available in the market. Partnering with Metallica Technologies also provides architects and BIM consultants the peace of mind of having reliable and local technical support.