Alternative to AUTOCAD

CADMATE Drafting 2024 offers you a concise and familiar interface which is easy to custom. You will enjoy the working environment in different ways in this version.You can display and rearrange elements like the toolbars, display the command bar, switch between workspaces, change the interface themes, customize your own interface and enable the status bar. The toolbars and command bar can also be floated anywhere on the screen or docked as well.

Cadmate 2022 design

CADMATE Mechanical

Cadmate mechanical empowers anybody to make, alter, or fix geometry without agonizing over basic innovation. With Cadmate mechanical, working with 3D demonstrating programming turns out to be quick, simple, adaptable, and fulfilling, regardless of where in the work process you need it.


Cadmate Takeoff is a digital estimation and takeoff software. You can complete  your project quickly and efficiently. With a fraction of time in comparison to other takeoff and estimation software’s available in market. You can now estimate your projects immediately and perform digital takeoffs on drawings and send quantities/estimates directly to the field for easy communication. Say good-bye to costly printing fees and running around and save time, money and space.


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Continuous improvement & lean innovation, has taken the performance & stability of CADMATE to the next level.​
Performance of common-use operations has been enhanced to make the drafting process faster
CADMATE provide over 100 unique and innovative tool like “Area Table”, “Auto Layer”, “Viewport to Layout”, “Autoxlstable”
​CADMATE 2023, has got extremely similar interface, similar commands & options compared to the native CAD software without compromising the performance while working on it.

Native DWG/DXF support

Familiar interface and command

Easy to import

New Features



Single-document Mode

Plotting Performance.jpg
Plotting Performance
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ACET Development Library
Dimensional Functionalities
Group Functionalities
Raster Image Library
Drawing Display
MLINE Trimming